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If you are an architect, urban designer, landscaper, constructor of art works,  or any person involved in environmental regulation administration …

Urban Comfort & Pollution: Example of Technopark , Zurich – Switzerland :

Case study of pollution dispersion over time, emanating from an industrial incinerator in the vicinity of a building under design. Solving the pseudo-transient flow within an interval of time (up to one year in the past) using archived meteorological data, e.g. wind speed at 10m height, thermal stratification and wall shear , results in (1) a pollution map, (2) a thermal map around the buildings, and (3) a comfort & wind acceleration map showing sitting, walking & critical areas.

ASCOMP GmbH software package TransAT (Transport phenomena Analysis Tool) can simulate a wide range of single and multi-phase flows (Lagrangian) with conjugate heat transfer.

Computational wind engineering has faced the same ‘set-up’ difficulties as those encountered in aerodynamics, namely dealing with grid generation for complex configurations.

The immersed surface module of TransAT has solved the ‘set-up’ difficulties  issue.

CFD simulation of Basel city centre – Switzerland :

Thanks to the IST/BMR technology, TransAT’s computational efficiency allows you to simulate the flow and pollution in large urban models (e.g. entire city centre of Basel) …

Wind loads on the Millaut Viaduct – France :

Thanks to the LES capability, TransAT delivers instantaneous peak wind loads on bridges, besides steady-state forces, including drag, lift and torsional moment.