Archived and conference publications authored by the ASCOMP research group and in partnership with our partners are listed – by category- below.

Biomedical & Microfluidics

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Comp. Sciences; CFD & CMFD

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Environment & Wind Engineering

      • M. Labois, C. Narayanan and D. Lakehal,
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Mechanical & Process Engineering

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Multiphase & Free Surface Flow

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Oil & Gas Applications

      • M. Labois, D. Lakehal, C. Narayanan
        “Computational modelling of hydrates risk and mitigation in the design of entrainment systems for deep sea spills”, Petrotech, India (2014)
      • M. Labois, N. Pagan, D. Lakehal, C. Narayanan
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Thermal-Hydraulics of NPPs

      • D. Lakehal, J. Panyasantisuk, D. Caviezel, M. Labois and C. Narayanan
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