Updates & Notes

The TransAT updates are communicated to the User Community rather on a regular basis. Users are contacted by email to update their TransAT versions. These webpage reports any changes, updates, new versions, and technical Notes released by the development team.

Technical Notes:



Ready to use (validated)

  • Version TransATMB-4.1.6.  First Multi-Block release with Message Passing Interface (MPI)
  • Version TransATMB-4.1.6.  New Engine for boundary conditions definition and assignment.
  • Version TransAT-4.0.  First TransAT release for Windows Operating Systems (Windows 7).
  • Version TransAT-4.0.  C++ Interface for User-Defined Functions and Initial Conditions from your favorite text editor.
  • Version TransAT-3.0.   All modules usable from TransATUI.
  • Version TransAT-2.3.6 EASM models combined with GGDH and WET for heat transfer
  • Version TransAT-2.3.5 DQMOM population balance closure for bubbly flows
  • Version TransAT-2.3.4 Chemical reaction and combustion module
  • Version TransAT-2.3.3 Homogeneous ASM model with heat transfer
  • Version TransAT-2.3.2 Moving Rigid Body
  • Version TransAT-2.3.0 Combined GUI for Mesh and Physics Setup
  • Version TransAT-2.2.9 New EASM turbulence models included now, up to cubic
  • Version TransAT-2.2.8 Phase-field model included now in the multi-physics solver
  • Version TransAT-2.2.6 Conjugate heat transfer for nucleate boiling

Under development

  • Version TransATMB-4.2. Wall Boiling Model for Embedded Interfaces

Under validation

  • Version TransATMB-4.2. Coupling with OLGA