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TransAT Cloud is a new way of accessing the power of High Performance Computers (HPC) for CFD simulations. The Cloud version of TransAT compliments the existing more traditional workstation deployment.

There are 3 fundamental steps in the CFD modelling process: build the model, run the model & view the results. The traditional deployment has all 3 of these steps undertaken on a local workstation. The TransAT Cloud solution has the first and last steps on the local workstation and the 2nd (run the model) performed on a Cloud based HPC. Watch intro. video

Access TransAT Cloud

TransAT Cloud is hosted by a professional platform developed within the European research project, CloudSME Expand

  • Visit the CloudSME web site APP Center
  • Register as a user of the site and login
  • Download TransAT Cloud from the TransAT page APP Center by selecting “Download”. You will need to be approved at this stage and this may take up to 1 day. Only institutional email addresses are accepted; private ones (gmail, Hotmail, gmx, yahoo, etc.) are systematically rejected
  • Once your credentials are approved you will be notified via email and you can continue with the download.
  • The download file is approx. 350MB and contains both a Linux and a Windows version when un-zipped.
  • Once un-zipped navigate to either the Linux or the Windows folder.
  • On Linux: open the GUI by clicking on TransAT_5.2.sh in the TransAT_5.2_Cloud folder (you need to have python already installed)
  • On Windows: run the installer and follow the on-screen instructions
  • Load an example case or build a model. Tutorial examples are installed and can be found under users\public\Public documents\TransATCloud.
  • Login to the cloud platform (click on “Sign in” in the “Execute” tab of TransAT), using the details that you register with initially. Note: Selecting the “remember me” option allows easy sign-in next time.
  • Select a Cloud instance on which to run the simulation and set the number of processors.


Run a case on Cloud

Executing a case from the UI is intuitive, requiring the following steps to be followed. Note that the tutorial video provides a thorough comprehensive introduction Expand

  • Run TransAT on the Cloud by clicking the Run button
  • Monitor the simulation in real time, while it runs on the Cloud. Note: TransAT does not need to remain open on your local workstation for the simulation to continue. When you re-open the model in TransAT the current status will be updated automatically.
  • When the simulation is finished you will be informed via email and can download the output files to your workstation and view the results.
  • A list of your simulation runs can be found on the APP link under my profile/my credits when you are logged in.



  • The Cloud based version can be installed alongside the latest desktop version on a local workstation
  • The learning curve starts with the test cases provided from our test suite
  • On this step is successfully achieved, more complex cases are provided in our template gallery

TransAT Cloud V5.2.3

TransAT Cloud is built to run on a selection of HPC leadership systems worldwide, starting from the UI environment (to download, see below) as the front end for problem setup. This is meant for now (till end of 2015) as a learning-machine for new users of the TransAT Suite (all other CFD/CMFD products), before expanding it to a Software as a Service (SaaS).

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