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This version of the code solves the single- and multi-fluid/component Navier-Stokes equations with addition of various models to account for fluid flow with complex physics ubiquitous to specific industry verticals, like oil & gas, microfluidics, etc. This version of the code uses multiblock grids as well, in both the IST/BMR and the BFC contexts, and is parallelized on HPC systems using MPI. TransAT Multiphysics© is an upgrade of TransAT Multiphase©, in that the multiphase flow module is incorporated here, too, with all its modelling features.

Complex physics models

TransAT Multiphysics© deals with intricate fluid-flow situations involving multi-components, conductive, convective transfer, reactive flows, microfluidics flow, Non-Newtonian flows, sedimentation, hydrates, porous media; see detailed list. Expand

Multicomponent flows

  • Gas-liquid mixtures
  • Bubbly flows
  • Interfacial gas-liquid & liquid-liquid flows
  • Particle & droplet laden flows
  • Dense particle clouds agglomeration & deposition
  • Multi-component flows with heat & mass transfer
  • Phase change: models & interface flux integration
  • Fluid-solid-particle flows

Conductive & convective heat transfer

  • Conductive & convective heat transport
  • Surface & volumetric heat sources
  • Convective heat transfer models at boundaries
  • Anisotropic heat conduction
  • Boussinesq flows – including in turbulence equations
  • Conjugate heat transfer in 2D and 3D
  • Heat transfer with multiphase-flow
  • Variable thermo-mechanical properties of fluids

Complex fluids & flows

  • Settling and sedimentation
  • Non-Newtonian visco-plastic fluids
  • Non-Newtonian Thixotropic fluids
  • Hydrocarbon constitutive laws
  • Binary mixtures
  • Porous media
  • Hydrate & slurries formation

Reactive flows

  • Infinitely Fast Chemistry (non-premixed)

    • EDC
    • EDC-SDT (Scalar Dissipation Timescale)
    • EDC-MTS (Multiple Timescale)
  • Finite Rate Chemistry (non-premixed)

    • Arrhenius (volumetric and surface reaction)
    • Flamelet based on Mixture Fraction
    • Progress Variable & Scalar Dissipation Rate
    • DQMOM (non available in V 5.2 yet)
  • Coupling with CANTERA (derived from Chemkin)

    • Evaluate thermodynamic and transport properties
    • Import Chemkin reaction mechanisms
    • Evaluate reaction rates
    • Pressure dependent reactions
    • Third body reaction
    • Surface reactions (heterogeneous)

Microfluidics flows

  • Interfacial flow with heat & mass transfer
  • Phase change (boiling, condensation, evaporation)
  • Wetting: static & dynamic contact angle
  • Subgrid-scale thin-film & lubrication
  • Nano-particle tracking
  • Surface tension highly dominated flows

Fluid-structure interaction (non available in V5.2 yet)

  • Rigid body motion
  • Solid-solid collision
  • Solid-wall collision
  • Imposed solid vibration


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