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TransAT Suite includes an exhaustive list of CFD & CMFD tools tailored for specific industry branches. The portfolio ranges from 1D to 3D models used in various engineering verticals, including oil & gas, nuclear energy, processing and environment.

TransAT HPC is the flagship product from the TransAT Suite, created to deal with complex, separated and transient-dominated aerodynamics and hydrodynamics applications requiring smart and fast meshing with advanced turbulence simulation strategies.

The CMFD branch of TransAT Suite, known as TransAT Multiphase© is strictly dedicated to 3D multi-fluid, multi-component flow systems with heat and mass transfer, including phase change. Multiphase flows of all nature are tackled with tailored schemes and models.

TransAT Multiphysics© is dedicated to multi-components, complex-physics fluids present in specific industry verticals. It handles conductive, convective and radiative heat transfer, reactive flows, non-Newtonian flows, sedimentation, hydrates & wax, porous media, etc.

TransAT Cloud is built to run on a selection of leadership HPC systems deployed worldwide, starting from the UI environment (to download) as the front end for problem setup. It compliments the existing more traditional workstation (TransAT HPC …) deployment.

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