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TransAT AWJ is a phenomenological model of the three-phase flow evolving inside an abrasive water-jet used as a machining cutting head. Several improvements over previously presented models such as taking into account the abrasive particle size distribution, and the effect of breakage of particles on the energy flux have been made. The model has been validated using an extensive set of experimental data with wide variations in cutting-head geometry, operating pressure, and abrasive mass flow rates. The cross-sectional averaged abrasive particle velocity at the exit of the focussing tube is overall predicted with good accuracy over a range of data. In particular, the Pearson correlation between the model and the experimental results is found to be more than 95%, implying the utility of this model in design.


Abrasive water jet (AWJ) cutting head: (A) high pressurised water, (B) orifice, (C) abrasive particles and air inlet, (D) mixing chamber, and (E) focusing tube.

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