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The System Code model portfolio of ASCOMP encompasses different solvers used for consultancy services in various industries, in particular in oil & gas, nuclear energy, and energy systems.

TransAT-Spill is a plume model for environmental risk assessment and oil spill contingency planning in conjunction with subsea petroleum production. It tracks oil and gas leaks in a coupled way, combining an integral plume approach with a far field Lagrangian tracking.

TransAT-LNG is an analytical model designed for use in risk assessment and safety analysis in conjunction with the rollover in LNG storage tanks. The model predicts incipient rollover (start and end), calculates flow from heat ingress in tank, and determine production of BOG.

TransAT AWJ is a phenomenological model of the 3-phase flow inside an abrasive water-jet used as a machining cutting head. It takes into account the abrasive particle size distribution, and the effect of breakage of particles on the energy flux have been made.

TransAT CD&S provides a full evaluation of core parameters at a given loading pattern for LWR’s. It consists of a coupled 3D neutronics to 1D thermal hydraulics solution, and has the major advantage of considering a realistic model of the reactor and its recirculation loop.

TransAT TSA is a system-code model performing Time Series Analysis (TSA) of BWR reactor-types to determine the reactor stability index (Decay Ratio, DR). It could be also implemented in other industries, in which operational data has been saved in a time series way.