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Helping design electronic coating technologies


Overview: Coating technologies (conformal or electronics via robotic dispensing systems) are used to protect electronic circuitry against potential failure causing situations such as thermal extremes, chemicals, dust, salt fog, and moisture. These selective coating systems allow creating a repeatable coating thickness, and precise coverage area. Coatings also help to protect the electronic assemblies from physical damage which can be caused during handling and installation.

The challenge: One characteristic of conformal coatings which has helped proper electronic design to where it is today is the coating’s ability to increase dielectric strength between conductors. This feature has allowed electronic assemblies to become more compact by allowing closer spacing of the conductive pathways. The coatings also help to minimize dendrite growth which can cause electrical short circuits.

TransAT Solution: This is also a typical microfluidics flow where surfaces forces are dominant and need to be accounted for using a robust contact angle model. TransAT using interface tracking techniques like Level-Set and VOF (and also Phase Field) is capable to predict the water extraction mechanism rather well, thanks to its ability to deal with the contact angle effects, which is modelled based on Youngs’ triple-forces based dynamic contact angle. Further, the fluid is non-Newtonian (viscosity changes with rate of shear as shown in the 3rd panel). The work is extended now to include the effect of heat transfer from the wall, inducing a chemical reaction between the surface and the liquid.

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